Recycling – At Giddins, we love our environment, which is why we try to preserve it in our own little way. We use discarded car tyres and conveyor belts to make the soles of some of our shoes. Buy Giddins today so that just as little drops of water makes a mighty ocean, your purchase will go a long way in saving our planet.

Youth empowerment- At Giddins, we love to give back to the society. Our brand seeks to contribute to bridging the poverty gap by employing school dropouts and youth from the communities we work in. We also ensure that there is gender balance by having both males and females artisans. This gives them the opportunity to provide for themselves and have pride in knowing that they are making impactful contributions to society.

Made in Ghana – From the intricate designs and intriguing color patterns of the kente cloth to the enigmatic Adinkra symbols, there are indeed no bounds to the extraordinary creativity that is embedded into the DNA of a Ghanaian and an African. This is why we trust only our local artisans to create every single Giddins product. We get both excited and saddened anytime people doubt that our products are made 100% here in Ghana. Let’s get excited that finally we are producing what we consume. What is better than knowing personally the one who made the shoes you walk in. We are made in Ghana and proud!