This is how it all began......

It all began in an engineering lecture room on the University of Ghana campus in 2008, when as a young undergrad, Gideon Dendzo first learnt about the conveyor belt and its ability to stay in continuous use without wear.

This gave him an idea to design a shoe with this product that is often discarded by manufacturing companies after a short period of usage. He believed that through this he will be recycling the conveyor belt and earn some income while pursuing his studies. After a short trip to Kumasi, the shoe making hub of Ghana, he came back with his first five pair of shoe which was quickly patronised by his course mates.

This was the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey.
Today Giddins is a highly recognised brand in Ghana that specialises in locally manufactured leather and african print shoes, bags, belts, sandals and shirts. All products are made in Accra and Kumasi by experienced local artisans who are very passionate about what they do.