Giddins is a Ghanaian fashion brand that exists to change the narrative about made in Ghana products. Our main products include shoes, bags, belts, bags and shirts. Our products are made from the choicest materials and top-notch leathers that make them more comfortable, quality and durable.

With experienced artisans on our team, the Giddins customer is firmly assured of a value-for-money product which lasts longer than those on the market.
Our products ranges are made from leather and African prints to promote our culture and heritage. Each product style from us project its own identity allowing the giddins customer to pick and choose the perfect one for the specific mood.

With our growing team of experienced artisans, Giddins is able to manufacture close to 300 pairs of shoes in a month and it’s in the capacity to offer contract manufacturing for wholesalers and retailers as well as other upcoming fashion brands.