The Men’s Shoes You Need Right Now—and 30 Ways to Wear Them

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April is a sartorial rollercoaster if you live in a four-season climate or anywhere that’s subject to crazy weather (so everywhere). One minute you might be dealing with spring weather in all its sunny glory and the next, you’re caught in a three-day downpour. It’s a time of year that makes getting dressed a little more difficult because what you put on often has to serve a dual purpose. And no choice is more important when it comes to getting dressed than the shoes you decide to wear.

Each month we fill your inbox, browser, and Instagram feed with What to Wear Today, our visual advice on how to get dressed. And this month (right now!), we’re zooming in and panning down to give you thirty days of shoe advice for your most unstoppable, un-soak-able, and, of course, stylish April ever. We’ve gathered the best instances of the ideal shoe arsenal from the pages of GQ, letting you know what to invest in, what to buy on the cheap, and how to wear sneakers almost every single day if you want to. So get your feet ready to look cooler than they ever have before.

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